Praise for Helen's Work

Group Work Testimonials 


"Helen is an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. I felt instantly welcomed in her group and developed a warm sense of belonging."

Claire - Administrator 


"I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely energy you shared during the beautifully held evening workshop I attended!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved experiencing you (and me!!). As I said, I found it very moving."  

Victoria - Web Designer

"Helen gently guided and empowered us to get in touch with ourselves, connect with others, and to be in the moment, free to express without judgement." 

Pat - Carer

"Helen transforms lives.  Her expert guidance is accompanied by dialogue and visualisations on self-love and loving kindness, which continue to resonate and nourish the soul long after the workshop."    Augustina - Barrister

"I really loved the evening that you created and can’t think of anything that would make it better. The structure was brilliant and timing of each part was perfect. You are a true Mamma cuddler and so generous in the way you evoke love warmth and connection. It’s infectious and everyone feels it.   We want more!!

Carlotta - Interior Designer

"Helen brings an intuitive, caring, professional approach - peppered with fun, passion and safe intimacy." 

Ann - Therapist

"What a fabulous day I had at Wivelsfield Yurt recently. It is a wonderful space where I felt very comfortable. We danced, expressed ourselves and meditated. Helen and Ali are skilled facilitators who made the day very special for me. Many thanks. x"

Shirley -EFT Practioner

"Everything Helen is involved with is run to the highest possible standard. Her events are truly inspiring, held with love and fuelled with passion...get yourself on the dancefloor of life and rock out with Helen! So many happy times.. yes yes yessss!!!" 

Jess - Model 

"I had such a wonderful time in this yurt. It feels like being back in the womb, it's so warm, cozy, and sensual. I felt truly held and supported in this space. It felt like a little sanctuary away from the world to tune back into my body again and recharge. Thank you so much, Allie and Helen! 😍😍🙏"

Lucy - Sexuality Coach

"Fabulous life affirming class run by the beautiful Helen." 

Cate - Love Coach

"Helen is a dynamic and passion teacher who makes everyone feel welcome." 

Duncan - Countryside Worker

I enjoyed working with Helen greatly. The facilitation was excellent, respectful, thoughtful and soulful.  She helped me to connect to my real needs and desires by listening to my feelings.  I had the opportunity to notice what I really felt in my body and practice keeping my boundaries whilst interacting with others.  This was a valuable experience. I left the workshop feeling more peaceful, nourished and energised.    

Ralitsa Kirilova -  Human Resources Consultant

Individual Sessions Testimonials

"I booked a session with Helen at a time when I really needed holding - physically and emotionally - and I cannot think of anything that would have given me what I needed in a more perfect way. Being held by Helen soothed my rattled nervous system and helped me feel deeply safe and seen. There were tears and there was laughter. It was a very unique, special experience and I cannot recommend her service highly enough for anyone in need of some grounding, connection and safety."

Elloa - Media  Coach

"I had a fabulous session with Helen.  She is sensitive, kind and gently guided me to release any blocks that I had.  I am fairly new to this kind of work but with very little words and only touch some very deep healing was able to take place and I felt so much lighter afterwards."

Shirley - EFT Practicer

"Helen's warmth, humour and boundless capacity for attunement and tenderness helped me to feel at ease from the start. Held physically, emotionally and spiritually by her deep, loving presence, I find that I can release grief, let go of old childhood trauma and create new body memories. This gift of unconditional love is having a profound impact on my life, increasing my self-acceptance, my joy of being embodied and my openess to intimate connection. I am so grateful for Sacred Embodiment with Helen that is opening new healing horizons for me that I had not imagined possible."

Emma - Music Therapist

"Helen is very special. She gives me the permission do nothing, and simply receive. Being held in her arms is deeply touching and profound. It is space of unconditional love and total acceptance."

Clive - Musician


"Working with Helen has helped me to live more authentically. By letting go of limiting beliefs I am lighter and have  more energy. The balance of warmth, fun, clarity, passion and love is perfect"

Chris - Counsellor


"Helen shares her generous energy through this uplifting and insightful experience. The abundance of connection and the warmth was worth its' weight in gold" 

Lisa - Office Manager

"A cuddle session is a good place to learn to connect safely with another. I practiced setting and maintaining healthy boundaries and the ability to say yes and to say no or wait depending upon what feels right for me at the time."   

Julian - Dentist

"The one-2-one sessions with Helen have had a profound impact on how I relate to my body.  Helen’s  compassionate approach provided a safe space and her commitment to your well-being shines." 

Janet - Self-employed

"Helen was gentle, thoughtful and responsive to my needs throughout. I felt completely held in a physical, but also in a deeper, emotional way.  A wonderful experience that left me feeling good for some time afterwards." 

Miranda - Teacher

"Thank-you so much for the session today. It felt like it helped me to move some energy and I felt much lighter and happier afterwards."

Female - Therapist

2019 Sacred Embodiment with Helen Thatcher 07792763106  Brighton & Hove, UK.

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