Let Me Introduce Myself

I Matter, You Matter, We Matter

I bring a unique combination of deep experience of Tibetan Buddhist study and meditation and 11 years of facilitating personal growth and transformation through conscious movement and nourishing touch. My passion is to support you to feel more comfortable in and aware of the wisdom of your body and gain the confidence to express yourself creatively and freely.


You are matter and You Matter.  You have been incarnated on earth for a reason.  That reason is to find your true spirit of Peace, Joy and Love.  I have a warm and welcoming nature.  I add humour and grace to your journey home to yourself and can support you find balance and ease by embodying your divine spirit.

Embracing My Humanity

I consider my self a student of life.  After following a conventional path leading to graduating from University with a Degree in Human Communications. I decided to get some life experience and went travelling in Asia.

This ignited my interest in Buddhism and meditation as a way to understand the human condition. My training the mind practice taught me a lot about how our thoughts effect our relationships and reality.

As part of an active Buddhist Community in Sussex I spent periods of time in retreat which gave me insights into and acceptance of the depth and breath of what it is to be human with our transient emotions.

Embracing My Divinity 

Ironically, after years sitting on the meditation cushion it is through training as a facilitator of the dance practice Vital Development that I truly connected to the sacredness of life.

Lost in the moment in authentic movement I gradually found increased self-confidence and self-worth.  I began to acknowledge myself as a unique expression of the universe.  This felt like freedom.

These days I prioritise my alignment to my truth and feeling good above all else.  This is something that has to be practiced daily.  Luckily I have learnt many tools and techniques along the way that help keep me focused and centred.  I'd love to share some of them with you.

2019 Sacred Embodiment with Helen Thatcher 07792763106   ContactHelenThatcher@gmail.com  Brighton & Hove, UK.

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